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hi, I'm Mairéad —
vedic astrologer, meditation teacher, kriya yogi and former corporate climber.

I pull from all aspects of the yoga-vedantic knowledge to offer you an integrated approach to healing and discovery. 

On 8th February 2019, I made a decision that changed the course of my career and as a result, my life.

Many lessons were learnt on this day, primarily that - change is scary, it is also inevitable, and we can design the life we want as long as we listen to and trust our intuition, and, when necessary, jump even if we aren’t sure where we are going to land. 

I had been working in the ‘corporate world’ for 10 years, thriving with annual promotions and pay-rises. I had worked my way up quickly to a position of authority within the largest charity in Australia but I wasn’t happy, and entering the new year of 2019, something changed.

For what felt like the entirety of 2018 & 2019 I came home from work everyday exhausted and complaining about everything and everyone I had been in contact with that day. I was constantly saying how much I wanted to leave and I started training as a life coach to give my self ‘options’. But I was stuck in the ever repeating known and afraid of change. 

My dreams kept leading me back to working for myself, incorporating my new found passion for meditation and Ayurveda, helping others grow whilst building a supportive community. 

I had been meditating for 2.5hr years by this point and so my 2019 NY resolution was to once and for-all commit to my second daily meditation, after all this is what my Vedic Meditation teacher had said would be the game changer. And boy was he right. 

It couldn’t have taken more than 2 weeks before I felt a BIG shift in my energy and gained the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE I had been looking for to hand my resignation in. 

The day I handed in my resignation I had arranged to receive my ‘Advanced Mantra’ from my Vedic Meditation teacher. It was on this day that 2 pivotal things happened in my life: 

No #1 My teacher told me I would make a great meditation teacher, something I had wanted to be since day 1 of my training but never thought I had the potential to achieve, this was the validation I needed. 

No #2 My teacher was going to view a new property for his business and so I went along with him and it was on that day, much to both of our surprise, that I joined Bondi Meditation Centre.

Within days I gained the confidence I was seeking. Within weeks I was working for my dream business, and working my way towards my dream job as a meditation teacher. By the end of the year I was in India completing my Vedic Meditation Teacher training, graduating in April 2020 in the midst of Covid. 

Returning home I furthered my study of the Vedas and graduated as a Jyotishi, a Vedic Astrologer, in the second lockdown (!) in 2021. 

Since then I have further deepened my studies and will continue to do so for as long as knowledge is available to me.

I am deeply grateful to all the teachers who have shared their wisdom with me and have given me the tools to share it with you.

timeline of a yogi:


200 hrs Kriya Yoga Teacher Training
Himalayas, India


3 months Vedic Meditation Teacher Training
Himalayas, India


180 hrs Vedic Astrology, Practitioner Training
Online via Himalayas, India


300 hrs Kriya Yoga Teacher Training
Himalayas, India


90 hrs Advanced Vedic Astrology Training
Himalayas, India

Mairéad x


I believe in infinite possibilities.

You should know

I am driven by exploration of both the inner and outer world. My teacher says the purpose of life is first to liberate and then to celebrate. What I'll share with you, if you choose to take me on your journey of self-discovery, will not force you to give up what you love but will help you to enjoy it even more.

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“Mairéad is truly steeped in the knowledge of Jyotish and is honestly the best Vedic Astrologer I have ever worked with.”

— George

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Using your birth details I share relevant astrological insights to help you navigate change in 60 minutes, all readings are held online with recording provided.


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I teach Vedic Meditation, a transcendental, mantra based meditation practice, in-person over 4 consecutive days at Bondi Meditation Centre.